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BSP was a freelance work that I did in April 2003. Besides the website, I also designed the business card as my client requested. The layout of the business card is based on the color of the website.

I used ASP and Access database to create a online catalogue for BSP.
Since my client would like to update the catalogue themselves, I developed a small ASP application in a secure area so that my client could update the catalouge by using webform.

Bemanix is an information site about the popular bemani music game series from Konami. I created it in late 2000 for my personal enjoyment. I have received a lot of positive feedback from this site.

This site is 100% database driven.

All the contents on the site are stored in Access.
LIVE365 FLASH INTRO [off line]
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In 1999, I got this opportunity to create a Flash intro for, one of the biggest online radio stations nowadays.

It took me approx. 2 weeks to finish it coz I had to fly back and forth from L.A to San Fransico to deal with my client.

They don't have the flash intro on their site anymore since they redesigned their website some time ago. :-\

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ICTP [offline]
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I worked for ICTP for 3 years since 2000. Sadly this company doesn't exist anymore.

I've created some marketing materials for ICTP including websites, business card, letterheads, web banner, posters, short film and magazine ads...etc (check out the "print ad" and "flash banner" sections for samples)